25 Photographs

25 Things to Photograph is a public project anyone can participate in, photographer or not. Using your smartphone camera, interpret and make one picture of each item listed here.

Submit your 25 pictures by October 25th for your photographs to be exhibited at Pioneer Works (Brooklyn, NY), alongside everyone else’s interpretations. All submitted photographs will be exhibited online.

Submit your pictures here

An empty room
Something camouflaged
Someone in motion
A monument
Timeless beauty
Today’s lunch
A person asleep
An omen
A loud sound
An embrace
A kitchen still life
Something left behind by someone else
Something handwritten
Something futuristic
Something persuasive
A portrait of someone who loves you
Things in a pile
Things in a line
A red car
A cloud that looks like something else
A scene outside a window
An unmade bed
A self portrait


Do I have to be a photographer or artist to participate?
Not at all, everyone of all levels is welcome.
Do I have to photograph each thing on the list?
Yes. If it’s challenging, loosen your interpretation or try to visualize the thing in a different way.
What ratio should I photograph in?
The default ratio of 4:3 (vertical or horizontal) or 1:1 (square)
Where do I submit my pictures?
Submit your pictures here
Where is the website for the online exhibit?
All participants will be notified once all the pictures are collected and online for public viewing.
Where and when will the physical exhibition be held?
Pioneer Works
Sunday, November 14, 2021
Learn more about Pioneer Works
Isn’t this project David Campany’s assignment?
Yes, he originally published this assignment, “What to Photograph” in Source Magazine No. 65, Winter 2011. View his statement here
How is this funded?
With the generous grant from NYC’s City Artist Corps Grant and the in-kind support of Pioneer Works.
I have other questions not addressed here.
Please direct your questions to mail(at)25photographs(dot)com